About Us

Sen Law Firm;

is founded by Prof. Dr. Ersan Şen. It is a dynamic law firm that provides legal consultancy and advocacy services to the real persons and legal entities it represents, especially in the area of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Criminal Execution Law, Administrative Law and Tax Law. Sen Law Firm acts with a solution-oriented focus at every stage of the judicial process.

It aims to provide legal consultancy services in a trust relationship, with expertise and a result-oriented manner. It has adopted the principle of dealing with the legal problems of the clients it represents from beginning to the end of the dispute. As being aware of the importance of preventive legal service, it provides the best service with teamwork and informs its clients about the whole judicial processes regularly.

In addition to providing an effective and informed legal services, our primary vision is to keep up with the constantly changing and developing laws and dynamic life as well as to give importance to the current developments in the world.

Working in a disciplined manner with its highly knowledgeable and experienced expert team, Sen Law Firm aims to be the leading law firm in the fields it serves.