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Criminal Law

Criminal Law

The basic principles of criminal law consist of the individuality of criminal responsibility and the principle of no punishment without law. The substantive criminal law concerns whether an act is a crime and what its punishment is.

In criminal proceedings; the adjectives such as the claimer, claim and indict, accused and defendant stand out, while there are no conviction and convict or no definitive judgements yet. This situation arises from the presumption of innocence, which is one of the basic legal doctrines. The presumption of innocence refers to the fact that the person prosecuted for a crime is not considered guilty unless his guilt is definite by a court order.

Since the Sen Law Firm’s establishment, the areas of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law are the leading areas of expertise of its law team. Our highly experienced lawyers with in their field, follow every stage of the process from the beginning of the investigation to the end of the prosecution with great care while they represent their clients. Our office carries out its work in all areas of criminal law effectively and observantly. Sen Law Firm has been making a respectable name for itself for years with his understanding of work ethic and positive approach toward its clients.

Within this framework, our Firm’s Department of Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law provides effective and fast solutions in the light of the universal principles of law with its legal staff including academicians, during the investigation and prosecution procedures about the complaints and cases of its clients. Our team′s years of experience in this field, successfully addressing hundreds of legal problems it encounters in implementing extensive knowledge of legislation and court decisions, and gives value to the human rights and freedoms while applying its knowledge professionally, ensures that a rigorous, result-oriented, successful, fast and effective service to its clients.