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Tax Law

Tax Law

We provide law consultancy and litigation services with our specialist team in the area of Tax Law to both natural and legal people, regarding the conflicts experienced in the scope of Tax Law, according to the updated legislation by carrying out reconciliation process before filing a lawsuit and continue with the litigation procedure for the cancellation or correction requests of tax penalties.

In our law firm; we provide the below-mentioned services with the help of our solution partners that are experts in the field of taxation/Tax Law who are also competent and experienced in the field of tax auditing and inspection:

- In the case that you are subjected to tax audit and inspection, we provide tax law consultancy before the audit and inspection about the subjects that necessitate technical information (exception, exemption, incentive, etc.) regarding the rights and responsibilities under Turkish Tax Procedure Law No. 213 and other related regulations to prevent any possible tax penalty regarding your business transactions.

- We provide tax law consultancy according to the provision stated in Income Tax Law No.193 and Corporate Tax Law No. 5520 before the full approval and inspection that will be carried out regarding the tax auditing process. Our tax law consultancy includes services regarding the procedures of the statutory records that you are obliged to keep within the entity, about the commercial operations of the entity, financial statements that will be prepared, accounting transactions, and the order of the documents and records.

- We provide consultancy about a tax refund, in cases, where you need technical and specific information regarding your rights and obligations under legal regulations about the refund process and method according to Income Tax Law, Corporate Tax Law, Value Added Tax Law, and other related Tax Laws.

-In the case that you are subjected to tax audit and inspection, we provide tax inspection consultancy about the subjects that are directed to you, within the scope of the operations conducted according to legal regulations (Code, By-law, Communique, Circular, Special Notice) and Procedural Law, in the inspection period and legal procedure to follow (conciliation before assessment, conciliation after assessment, remission in the tax penalty).

- We provide litigation service, regarding the matter of dispute about your rights and obligations in every step of the lawsuit process, according to Administrative Jurisdiction Procedures Law, Tax Procedural Law, and other related tax laws and regulations while a lawsuit process is continuing about an administrative action initiated against you.

- We provide litigation service for lawsuits regarding tax evasion.